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Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing

Ilustrative photo (Rybarstvi Hluboka - Sport Fishing)

Our company organizes sport fishing in four different ponds. Jaderny Pond (24 hectares) is located 9 km from Hluboka nad Vltavou, near the village of Zliv. It’s a top-class pond which is accessible all around its circumference and is surrounded by an access driveway.

Podevrazsky Pond has an area of 3,24 hectares and is a fishing ground for general public. The pond is very well accessible and since it is located mainly in the forest vegetation, it resembles an oasis of calm.

Fishing in Mydlovarsky Pond (34 hectares) is intended for a wide general public. It is located close to a small village of Zliv.

Directly on the main road linking the village Zliv and Munice is a Pond Bezdryvka. Its area is 7,6 hectares and was originally part of the adjacent pond Bezdrev pond. The pond is found vast majority of common freshwater fish species.

More about ponds for sport fishing can be found here.

Price List - Fishing Licenses for Year 2022

LicensePond JadernyPond MydlovarskyPond PodevrazskyPond Bezdryvka
1 day1 000 CZK40 EUR220 CZK170 CZK170 CZK
2 days1 500 CZK60 EUR
3 days1 750 CZK70 EUR400 CZK320 CZK320 CZK
7 days2 700 CZK110 EUR650 CZK500 CZK500 CZK
30 days6 600 CZK260 EUR1 600 CZK1 200 CZK1 200 CZK
season21 000 CZK830 EUR3 500 CZK3 000 CZK3 000 CZK

Price List is valid from 7.1.2021. Prices include VAT.

Price List - Parking fee (Stay) for Year 2022

Parking fee (Stay)Pond JadernyPond MydlovarskyPond PodevrazskyPond Bezdryvka
night50 CZK2 EUR

Price List is valid from 1.4.2021. Prices include VAT.

Sale of Fishing Licenses

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