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Breeding Ponds

Breeding Ponds

Illustrative photo (Rybarstvi Hluboka - Breeding Ponds)

Rybarstvi Hluboka cz. s.r.o. has followed in the footsteps of the tradition of fish farming. It manages 2 552 hectares of ponds and belongs among the largest producers of freshwater fish in the Czech Republic.

Pond Blatec

Blatec Pond is a part of the pond system in the Vodnanska Basin, approximately 20 km to the west from Budweis, close to the village Divcice. Its area is of 103 hectares. This pond serves mainly as a fish farm, especially for production of carps.

Pond Bezdrev

Rybarstvi Hluboka - Pond Bezdrev

It’s the third largest pond (424,6 hectares) in the South Bohemian Region and at the same time in the Czech Republic. Its fish production belongs among the highest in the country. Bezdrev Pond is the largest pond in the district České Budějovice and belongs to the land registry area of Zliv. The pond dam is 400 m long and 7,8 m high, and the deepest point is 7 m under the water surface. Its tributary is the Soudny Brook. Besides the traditional carp, you can find here a wide range of fish species such as pike, grass carp, tench, catfish…etc.

Bezdrev Pond is seined every other year and at this occasion South Bohemian fishing ceremonies take place at the pond embankment. Besides the actual pond harvest, a rich accompanying program is prepared fou you.

Pond Dehtar

Rybarstvi Hluboka - Pond Dehtar Dehtar Pond belongs with a surface area of 261 hectares among the 10 largest in the Czech Republic. Its dam is almost 234 m long and 10 m high. There is an island in the middle of the pond. Due to its large area and favourable location in the coutryside, it offers great conditions for water birds. Therefore the pond was put to the list of Special Protection Areas NATURA 2000.

Pond Municky

Rybarstvi Hluboka - Pond Municky Municky pond is situated southward from Hluboka nad Vltavou. The area of the pond is of 118,5 hectares and its main tributary is Municky Brook. Ohrada Zoo is located on the south side of the pond and it makes use of part of the water area for some species of water birds. Jogging and cycling are very popular activities due to the flatland surroundings of this pond. The pond is seined every other year and at this occasion South Bohemian fishing ceremonies are held.

Pond Volesek

Rybarstvi Hluboka - Pond Volesek Volesek Pond obtained its contemporary name in the 19th century, before that it had been called “Plastovicky“ Pond. The pond was founded during “Pernstejn“ colonization. Its area is of 142 hectares and is located near the scenic village Plástovice.

Fish Pond Harvest

Fish pond harvest belongs among the customary and popular autumn events. Watching fishermen seining the pond is probably the most attractive part of the whole harvest. More information and dates harvesting ponds can be found here.