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Sale of fish

Sale of fish

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The main activity is breeding of freshwater fish. The company manages 137 ponds, it is about 2 552 ha. Annual production of our company is about 1 300 tons of fish, including carp, 85% (50% and 50% bare scaly), the remaining 15% are secondary fish (grass carp, silver carp, perch, pike, bream, tench, ...).

Of the total fish production is 60% for export, mainly to Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, Austria, Slovakia, ...

The traditional place where you can be sure of fresh fish, the fishing ponds. Rybarstvi Hluboka cz. s.r.o. offers year-round sale of live fish at Tyrsova 681, Hluboka nad Vltavou

Price List - Retail Sale of live Fish

CarpI. Class1,9 - 4,9 kg89 CZK/kg
CarpII. Class1,2 - 1,8 kg60 CZK/kg
Grass Carp89 CZK/kg
Silver Carp38 CZK/kg
Tench128 CZK/kg
Bream30 CZK/kg
Pike326 CZK/kg
Pikeperch362 CZK/kg
Perch99 CZK/kg
Catfish248 CZK/kg
Eel383 CZK/kg
Additional salePrice
Plastic Bag6 CZK/Piece

Price List is valid from 17.12.2017. Prices include VAT.

If you have questions, call tel.: +420 387 789 435.

Fish Shop Opening Hours

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