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For Fishermen

Service Centre

Ilustrative photo (Rybarstvi Hluboka - Service Centre)

We offer the following services: production of the equipment for fishermen, car and truck maintenance, locksmith production, delivery services, ground-care and machinery services, removing sediments from ponds using suction excavators.

Price List - Equipment for Fishermen

EquipmentPrice without VATPrice without VAT fromPrice without VAT to
Fish breeding Pool22 300 CZK(≈ 865 EUR)
Discharge device for the Pool2 500 CZK(≈ 97 EUR)
Protective Guard for the Pool2 100 CZK(≈ 82 EUR)3 000 CZK(≈ 117 EUR)
Steel Ship with one Prong 4 m23 300 CZK(≈ 904 EUR)
Incubator for fish Fry31 800 CZK(≈ 1 233 EUR)
Ship with two Prongs 4 m23 300 CZK(≈ 904 EUR)
Ship with two Prongs 6 m37 500 CZK(≈ 1 454 EUR)
Leaching Ship 4 m36 200 CZK(≈ 1 404 EUR)
Leaching Ship 6 m60 000 CZK(≈ 2 326 EUR)
Leaching Ship 7 m65 000 CZK(≈ 2 520 EUR)
Crates for Fish26 800 CZK(≈ 1 039 EUR)

1 EUR ≈ 25,8 CZK. Price List is valid from 1.1.2015. Prices do not include VAT.

Service Centre Contact

Jaroslav Duron

tel.: +420 387 789 429

Fisheries Production

Illustrative photo (Rybarstvi Hluboka - Fisheries Production)

The fish farming center is engaged in production and farming of fry, stocks and market fish. It manages 137 ponds altogether. Head of the center, two zootechnicians and an economist take care of the smooth functioning of the center. The center is comprised of 6 bastions: Bastion Bezdrev, Bastion Divcice, Bastion Chvalesovice, Bastion Pistin, Bastion Zabori and Bastion Cejkovice.